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Priscilla Anyabu Joins ’90s Baby Show’ to Talk Cheating, ‘Love Island,’ and More

In the latest episode of the ’90s Baby Show,’ the hosts Temi, Fred, and VP are joined by a special guest, Priscilla Anyabu. Priscilla, a reality star known for her appearance on the sixth season of Love Island in 2020, engages in a candid conversation about various intriguing topics.

During the episode, Priscilla shares her firsthand experience on Love Island, discussing the dynamics of the show and her thoughts on the reality TV landscape. The conversation takes an interesting turn as the hosts and Priscilla delve into the concept of cheating, particularly exploring whether certain actions, like dancing closely with someone else, can be considered cheating in a relationship.

The ’90s Baby Show’ is known for its engaging and often humorous discussions on a wide range of topics, making it a popular podcast among listeners. Priscilla’s appearance on the show adds a fresh perspective, providing insights into her experiences and opinions on matters that resonate with many.