Qelven Yebo Unmatched New Single ‘Kyoto Flow’ Is Out

Qelven Yebo
Qelven Yebo

In as much as it brings growth to the industry, the discovery of young promising talents has always brought staggering Jim-Jams to reigning artistes for fear of being overtaken. Well, I hate to be a bearer of bad news to such camps as I unveil the new liege Lord in music with all confidence!

With a career spanning close to a decade, Kelvin Yeboah, a young talented composer, singer, and performer who goes by the moniker Qelven Yebo, has released another major single titled KYOTO FLOW and it is awe-striking.

Wow! Such uniqueness to behold. The entire production of the song is one that fits international standards and is distinctively a gamp of creativity that sends chills down one’s spine without exaggeration. Without doubt, this record will be one of the best evergreens 2023 will produce.

On kyoto flow, the singer, Qelven Yebo narrates his life’s journey amidst some party vibes. The groove that comes with the song was creatively crafted to fit into a DJ’s playlist at any occasion or event.

Kyoto Flow
Kyoto Flow

Qelven Yebo’s vision in the music business is to attract more international eyeballs to our local industry and he believes he has what it takes to achieve that. His experience as a musician spans from his secondary school days at Adisadel College, through to performing on major stages with some industry big guns right after school. He has tested and passed all phases of the music game. From rap to singing melodies. A reason he is unbeatable in the music game.

The music aside, his achievements on the educational front cannot be overlooked. He attended Ghana Telecom University where he graduated with a degree in Bachelor’s of Communications in Accra. After graduating from university, his interest in music increased and evidently, we are all Witnesses to that today.

His latest single, Kyoto flow, a song to rule and top chats for months, was produced by one of the industry’s revered beat makers, DatBeatGod.

Kyoto Flow is currently out on all digital platforms here

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