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Queen Drie’s New Single “Woman” Celebrates Womanhood

Queen Drie
Queen Drie

For decades, women have put their knowledge, blood, and sweat into the development of our societies, only to be looked down on and belittled by the very society they have helped make great. However, they are not allowing the patriarchal system to rob them of their glory, appreciation, and recognition. While others excel in politics, business, administration, and tech, there are some who are not only excelling in the arts and entertainment space but are using their platform to celebrate and empower others.

One of such women is Ghanaian rapper, singer, and songwriter Queen Drie, who over the years has continued to use her music to amplify the works of women and celebrate them for their impact in creating a safer and better society for not just women and girls but everyone else.

Queen Drie Woman Cover Art
Queen drie woman cover art

In her new song “Woman,” produced by Blindforlove and Frank Moses, Drie celebrates and encourages women to not allow themselves to be belittled but to recognize that they are the ones that run the world and, as such, must own that and take care of their own lives.

“I buy my own diamonds, and I buy my own rings. If I’m in the club, then I buy the whole drink. Never need a man for a motherfucking thing.”

Stream “Woman” by Queen Drie out now on all streaming platforms here