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Rebecca Abafum Debut Political Novel Causes Stir After Released

Rebecca Abafum

Rebecca Abafum on 14th February, 2022 launched her first political novel titled “THE FURY OF A NATION”.

The FURY OF A NATION is a frightening, heart-breaking but also eye-opening story which is inspired by the true-life events of a once happy family in a peaceful country , whose dreams are cut short by misguided men who start to over dream , and make the once peaceful Wetuo hellish. Power and Religion struggle with love among humanity until things really turn tragic.”

Blurb: “When Gatimu a young handsome lawyer follows his dream to join the National Investigation Service (NIS) against the advice of his family, little did he know that an imminent coup is going to tear his family apart.
Lost in the wild and uncertain about the whereabouts of his wife mad children, and he is not even aware that the children have had to find their own way, because they have also been traumatically separated from their mother. As they all lice through this nightmare, the joy of a family reunion is the only hope left for them I’m a war-torn insecure country. But will they live to see the end?”

“THE FURY OF A NATION” is available on amazon for both paperback amd E-book. You may also get copies from PAWA House which is directly opposite Accra Girls Senior High School for GHS50.00.

About the Author

Rebecca Abafum writer by passion. Her love for writing which started at a much earlier age has won her several writing competitions during her earlier days of schooling from class to inter-schools competitions, and a Unilever Quiz Competition. Though she has written many stories, “THE FURY OF A NATION” is her first published novel. Rebecca aspires to be a great influential writer and entrepreneur in the future.

Connect with Rebecca Abafum
Facebook: Rebecca Abafum
Instagram: rabafumglobal
Twitter: rabafumglobal
Email: rabafum@gmail.com
Contact/WhatsApp: +233 244898730

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