Reggae Veteran Pauper D Releases Captivating New Single “3 Decade”

Pauper D
Pauper D

California-based underground reggae artist, Pauper D, takes us on a remarkable musical journey spanning over three decades with his latest release, “3 Decade.” Rooted in an unshakable passion for music and unwavering determination, Pauper D’s music has transcended borders and captured the hearts of listeners worldwide.

From humble beginnings in the Bay Area, Pauper D honed his craft as a DJ, spinning tunes at house parties and intimate venues with just two turntables, a mixer, and a microphone. As his artistic evolution continued, he ventured into writing his original lyrics, focusing on self-promotion and placing his music in both local and prominent record stores. He made waves by freestyling “Live” on college radio and top-rated urban contemporary stations, captivating audiences on an international scale.

Pauper D 3 Decade
Pauper D 3 Decade

Throughout his three-decade-long journey, Pauper D has encountered a multitude of talented artists—poets, musicians, writers, painters, and more—struggling to make ends meet while pursuing their craft. “3 Decade” sheds light on the harsh reality faced by these artists who continue to pour their hearts and souls into their work, despite being undervalued monetarily. Pauper D’s new single is not only a testament to his own enduring dedication and talent but also a salute to the starving artists around the world. It recognizes that although their work may be financially undervalued, their contributions are appreciated by those who understand the arduous journey.

“3 Decade” has already received overwhelming positive feedback from listeners in Jamaica and across the globe. Pauper D’s innate ability to create meaningful, enjoyable music, combined with his unshakeable self-belief, has propelled him through years of hard work.

Join Pauper D on his musical odyssey and celebrate the enduring spirit of underground artists. “3 Decade” is not just a song; it’s a tribute to the resilience, talent, and dedication of artists who keep the artistic flame alive.

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