Nigerian Rising Star Rhagetti Unleashes Captivating New Single “Honest”


Emerging Nigerian musician and producer Rhagetti is taking the music scene by storm with his latest single, “Honest.”

This dynamic composition promises a captivating experience for audiences worldwide, fusing the vibrant essence of Afrobeats with innovative twists and emotionally resonant melodies.

Rhagetti honest
honest cover

With rhythmic pulsations and irresistible vigor, “Honest” serves as a testament to Rhagetti’s extraordinary artistic prowess and distinctive approach. It seamlessly blends traditional Afrobeats components with contemporary influences, creating an anthem that defies genre conventions and has the potential to redefine the musical landscape.


In an era where the global music scene embraces a rich tapestry of influences and daring sonic explorations, Rhagetti’s “Honest” emerges as a trailblazer in this thrilling evolution. Through its amalgamation of cultures, audacious experimentation, and unwavering authenticity, it invites listeners to immerse themselves in the infectious groove of Afrobeats/Afrofunk.

Rhagetti, also known as La Wave, is a singer, songwriter, and producer hailing from the southeastern region of Nigeria, specifically Imo State. His music reflects his unique blend of cultural influences and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of contemporary African sound.

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