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Rising Duo Owan & Larbi Release New Single “Lonely at the Bottom”

Owan &Amp; Larbi
Owan & Larbi

Ghanaian Afrobeats duo Owan & Larbi have unveiled their latest single, “Lonely at the Bottom,” on May 30th, 2024. This release follows the success of their previous track, “Waka Waka,” which continues to receive positive reception.

“Lonely at the Bottom” marks the duo’s first single of the year, showcasing a unique blend of alternative hip-hop, traditional Afrobeats rhythms, and acoustic guitar strings from indie pop. The song delves into the challenges of life, portraying the experience of being left behind after journeying with peers towards success, ultimately finding oneself alone at the bottom. Despite the disheartening nature of these moments, the track offers a message of hope and resilience, emphasizing the possibility of overcoming setbacks.

Lonely At The Bottom Artwork
Lonely At The Bottom Artwork

The eclectic fusion of “Lonely at the Bottom” is brought to life by Owan & Larbi’s emotive vocals, complemented by stellar production from the talented DXX Beat. The song serves as a source of motivation for listeners during low moments, workouts, long bus rides, and reflective periods.

This release is the second single from the duo’s upcoming EP titled “Here’s To New Beginnings,” and is now available on all major digital streaming platforms for audiences to enjoy.

Listen to “LATB” on all platforms here

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