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Rising Ghanaian Artists to Watch In 2024

Artists To Watch In 2024

A new generation of talent is emerging, poised to make their mark on the global stage. As we step into 2024, it’s time to shine a spotlight on the Ghanaian artists who are pushing boundaries, challenging conventions, and redefining the creative landscape with their unique perspectives and undeniable talent. In this article, we will highlight a curated selection of Ghanaian artists, both home and abroad to watch out for in 2024. (In no particular order)

📌 Darkua

Ghanaian R&B singer Darkua has been making waves in the music industry with her soulful voice, captivating performances, and impressive songwriting skills. Her single “Echo” and EP “U’ve Been Here,” released in early 2023, have garnered her significant recognition and established her as one of the most exciting talents to watch in the music scene.

Darkua is out with her latest single, “Say My Name.” This track pays homage to the golden era of 2000s R&B while adding Darkua’s signature twist. With emotive vocals and poignant lyrics, Darkua captures the essence of moving on from a deceitful lover, blending wishes for the best with a touch of spiteful longing.

📌 Anabel Rose

Ghanaian-Filipino singer/songwriter Anabel Rose captured the attention of listeners last year with two alté singles, “Love Me or Die” and “DND” (Do Not Disturb). These tracks showcase her versatility and willingness to push musical boundaries. By fusing alternative, R&B, pop, Bossa nova, trap, and highlife, Anabel Rose creates a genre-blending masterpiece that defies conventions and takes listeners on a captivating sonic journey.

Her musical journey began at a young age when she was handed a karaoke mic at the age of 8. Since then, Anabel Rose has been influenced by a melting pot of genres, including indie-folk, R&B, classic rock, reggae, highlife, and hiplife. She draws inspiration from artists who fearlessly fuse different genres to create new and exciting sounds.

📌 Moffy

MOFFY is a member of the up-and-coming Ghanaian music collective 99 PHACES. His latest single, “JOO,” showcases his musical prowess and his ability to create tunes that resonate deeply with listeners. Beyond being a catchy tune, “JOO” is a melodic masterpiece ready to hit the airwaves and get your feet tapping.

In “JOO,” MOFFY’s lyrics take center stage as he expresses his dedication to a special someone who has captured his heart. Sung in both English and Ga language, the song adds an enchanting touch to the overall experience. With his charming expression of love, MOFFY’s lyrics evoke a sense of affection and authenticity that listeners can’t help but connect with.

MOFFY is part of a dynamic group of artists who are pushing the boundaries of Ghanaian music. Together, they are redefining the sound of the nation and gaining recognition for their innovative approach. MOFFY’s contribution to the collective highlights his individuality and his commitment to creating music that stands out from the crowd.

📌 Mellissa

Ghanaian singer Mellissa is ready to reintroduce herself to her audience and reveal new layers to her artistic expression. She has already made a name for herself through notable collaborations, including appearances on Amaarae’s debut album “The Angel You Don’t Know,” Ajebutter’s “Soundtrack To The Good Life,” and BOJ’s “Gbagada Express” alongside her sister and partner, Moliy.

Mellissa’s verses are characterized by poignant and evocative details about life, self-discovery, friendship, and love. Her introspective approach to music allows her to explore personal truths and connect with listeners on a deeper level. Since her debut single “Limelight” in 2021, Mellissa has consistently delivered music that delves into introspection and offers thought-provoking themes.

Mellissa released 2 singles last year “Me & U,” and “Henny Talk” – A rich fusion of sounds creates the self-coined “Afro Sexy” driven by Mellissa’s angelic vocals.

📌 Xlimkid

Rising Ghanaian rapper Xlimkid has been making a name for himself in the music industry. His journey began after completing high school. Starting his professional singing career in 2021, Xlimkid made a significant impact with his debut song, “Alone.”

Xlimkid was on a collaborative project with O’kenneth. Titled “Pain In Glory,” Ghanaian Drill (Asakaa) heavyweight O’Kenneth teamed up with Xlimkid to create this 6-track masterpiece. The 3rd track from the Album “Lonely Road,” went viral on social media after it was co-signed by American rapper Lil-Durk. “Pain In Glory” was among our Best Albums in 2023.

“Journey,” Xlimkid’s 2023 song, has been well-received by both local and international audiences. Produced by Samsney, the track tells the story of a young inspirational street boy and his determination to succeed. Its powerful message and Xlimkid’s delivery have garnered recognition from renowned artists like Sarkodie and Stonebwoy.

📌 Demmi

Demmi entered the music scene in 2021 with his debut single, “Forever.” The song showcased his talent and set the stage for his promising career. Since then, Demmi has been consistently releasing music that resonates with listeners. His discography boasts several notable songs, including “Tonight,” “LoverBoy Issues,” “Wonders,” “Gyrate,” and more. Each track reflects Demmi’s dedication to introspection and his constant evaluation of personal truths.

Demmi’s recent EP with Rie Osie was recognized among our best EPs in 2023. This collaborative project further demonstrates Demmi’s ability to create captivating music that pushes boundaries and captivates audiences. He brings a fresh perspective to the sound of afrobeats and its sub-genres, elevating the genre with his unique thoughts and elements. Inspired by artists like Burna Boy, BNXN, CKAY, and more, Demmi’s versatility allows him to fluidly navigate through different genres of music.

📌 Amos K

Amos Kodwo, professionally known as Amos K is a trailblazing Ghanaian artist and producer whose musical journey embodies the spirit of perseverance and creative evolution. Born on October 1st, Amos K has woven his way into the fabric of the Ghanaian music scene with a unique blend of rap and singing that sets him apart in a league of his own. His presence has been felt since he professionally entered the scene in 2018.

The distinctive allure of Amos K’s music lies in his adept incorporation of drill elements whiles gracefully swaying away from its typical intense nature. Instead, he navigates the rhythmic landscape with a contemporary finesse, crafting catchy rhymes that serve as the backbone of his lyrical prowess. Beyond the beats and rhythms, Amos K’s music carries a consistent message- the belief that anything is possible, as long as you are willing to put in the work. Through his creativity, he seeks to inspire and uplift, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of his listeners.

📌 Ohene Parker

Emerging from the creative streets of Accra, Ghana, Jake Amoah, professionally known as Ohene Parker is a rising talent in the world of music. He has a passion for storytelling and a unique ability to connect with audiences through his emotive melodies and catchy lyrics.

Ohene Parker begun his music journey in 2020 when he released his first single ‘fanfool zalaa’ where he featured Ayisi (A.i), maker of hit Song “Grind.” He had the opportunity to work and learn in person from artists such as Ayisi, E.L and Akan, then went ahead to build his own unique style. Through this, Ohene Parker learnt how to record, mix and master his own projects. His music journey has mostly been influenced by Highlife, Afrobeats, R&B, Pop, Reggae and Hip-hop.

As he continues to grow and evolve as an artist, Ohene Parker is determined to make a lasting impact on the music industry and has an objective is to develop the ultimate Ghanaian sound and authenticate himself among the crop of male artists of his generation.

📌 J.E.N.N.Y

Jennings William Djan musically known as J.E.N.N.Y is an Alternative R&B/Soul Singer and Songwriter from Accra, Ghana. Devoted to his craft, he blends genres seamlessly, showcasing an experimental side in his music. A multifaceted artist, J.E.N.N.Y is deeply connected to his artistry. Intriguingly introverted, music served as his sanctuary, allowing him to articulate his emotions.

His formative years were influenced by musical luminaries such as Michael Jackson, Usher and the legendary Nigerian artist Asa. In 2021 he professionally divulged himself as an artist with his debut EP “The Śingerman” which captured attention in the US and Nigeria and it’s lead single “Faraway” was added to Apple Music Best Songs of 2022. The following year, 2022, saw the unveiling of his second EP, “A Peek into My Wõrld,” a true testament to rhythm and blues. With J.E.N.N.Y’s diverse and ingenious approach, one can anticipate nothing short of ethereal sounds that captivate the senses.

📌 Tee Kae

Born Madeleine Badu, Tee Kae discovered her passion and love for the arts, particularly music, at a young age as she sang in and led her church music group. Influenced by iconic artists such as Alicia Keys and H.E.R, Tee Kae (as she is affectionately known) embarked on a journey to craft her unique sound, combining Afro-R&B/Soul, Indie vocals, and a hint of Trap with Alté rhythms. Her music is an artistic fusion that effortlessly blends her native languages and French, setting her apart as a versatile and exceptional Alté artiste.

In a remarkable debut, Tee Kae unveiled her first single, “TROUBLE,” under her independent imprint BLUWEIV. The soulful and captivating track served as a testament to her talent and artistry, leaving an indelible mark on the music scene.

Continuing to captivate audiences, her second single “The Night,” released in June, is an infectious bop that delves into themes of disappointment and the allure of a wilder lifestyle. With each release, Madeleine Badu’s music resonates with authenticity and emotional depth, forging a profound connection with her listeners.

📌 Ess Thee Legend

Ess Thee Legend (formerly known as Essilfie) is one of the fast-rising female acts, who prides herself on originality and creativity. Her unique sound elevates the afrobeats genre and its sub-genres with fresh perspectives. Inspired by artists like Sade, Erykah Badu, Asa, Sabrino Claudio, Snoh Aalegra, and Jill Scott, Ess Thee Legend’s eclectic taste in music was nurtured by her parents, who had a wide-ranging musical palate, including highlife, country, funk, and reggae.

Ess Thee Legend’s creative output positions her as a leader of her generation of Ghanaian multi-hyphenates. She made her debut in 2021 with the release of her single “Gye Wani,” which received positive reviews. Since then, she has released a string of singles that showcase her prowess as a vocalist and songwriter. Her discography boasts of impressive hits like “Fake Love,” “Prayed Up,” “Krokro me” and more.

Her stage performances have captivated audiences at events such as the Black Star Film Festival, Social Media Week, and her headlining show, Essilfie Live Acoustics on The Beach. Ess Thee Legend’s music has been recognized by various publications, including GQ Magazine, Lambo Extra, Okay Africa, iMullar, and Muse Africa.

📌 Kwame Yesu

Fast Rising Ghanaian rapper Kwame Yesu is making waves in the music scene with his unique style and creative approach.  In 2021, Kwame Yesu released his song “BAM” featuring Copta, produced by Ghanaian Stallion. The track showcases his skills in hip-hop and received positive feedback from listeners. Kwame Yesu’s collaboration with Copta demonstrates his ability to work with other talented artists and create captivating music.

Kwame Yesu’s discography includes songs like “Adwuma,” “Tonight,” “LoverBoy Issues,” “Wonders,” “Gyrate,” “Anadwo” and more. These tracks highlight his versatility and fluidity in different genres of music. His ability to blend various elements and styles sets him apart as an artist.

He recent EP “The Last Supper” was among our Best EPs in 2023. The title of the EP was a clever wordplay on Kwame Yesu’s name, where “Yesu” means Christ. Just as the Last Supper in Christian tradition marked the beginning of something greater, Kwame Yesu’s “The Last Supper” served as a prelude to the remarkable journey ahead in his musical career.

📌 Beeztrap KOTM

Ghanaian musician Beeztrap KOTM has been gaining recognition in the music industry. Known for his unique style and collaborations with other artists, Beeztrap KOTM has released several songs and projects that have garnered attention.

Some of Beeztrap KOTM’s notable songs include “Cinderella” featuring Skyface SDW, City Boy, Thomas The Great, Reggie, Braa Benk, OKenneth, and Kwaku DMC. This track showcases his ability to collaborate with a diverse range of artists and create captivating music.

In addition to “Cinderella,” Beeztrap KOTM has been featured on other songs such as “Obaa Hemaa” with O’Kenneth, Reggie, Kwaku DMC, and Jay Bahd, and “Aketesea” with Cityboy. These collaborations highlight his versatility and ability to contribute to various musical styles.

Beeztrap KOTM has also released a full EP titled “Different Type Of Gangster,” which features seven tracks including “Twedeampong,” “Losing Faith,” “Emotions,” “Save Me,” “Dont Forget To Pray,” “Ebesi (It Will Happen),” and “Cinderella” featuring City Boy, Reggie, OKenneth, and Kwaku DMC.

📌 99 Phaces

Rising music collective, 99PHACES, is making a name for itself in the music scene. Comprised of Cozypols, Moffy, Freddie Gambini, Mēl, and Insvne Auggie, the collective aims to share their unique sound and message with the world. They hope to inspire other creators to come together and break barriers through their collective approach to music.

Following their formation, 99PHACES wasted no time in releasing their debut project. After the successful reception of their first single, “Kiddie Time,” the collective dropped their first EP titled “SO WE MADE A TAPE” on March 17th, 2023. The EP received widespread praise for its unconventional and diverse sound.

“SO WE MADE A TAPE” offers something for everyone, combining elements of Afrobeats, Alte, and Hip-hop. Each artist involved in the project brings their own diverse influences and sounds, resulting in a tape that reflects their individuality. The members of 99PHACES, along with featured artist Baaba J, showcase their versatility and creativity throughout the songs on the EP.

📌 Bryan The Mensah

Bryan The Mensah, born Bryan Kweku Mensah on January 3rd, 1996, is a talented Ghanaian rapper, producer, songwriter, and sound engineer. With a dynamic range and powerful vocals, Bryan The Mensah has worked on various genres such as Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, Afrobeat, and EDM.

He has gained recognition for his soulful and captivating performances. Bryan The Mensah has released several projects throughout his career. His recent EP “Detour” was named among our Best EPs in 2023.


UK-based Ghanaian Afrofusion artist, Effs a masterful pianist since childhood, brings a unique blend of musical prowess and soulful expression to the world of Afrofusion. Effs represents a modern-day embodiment of an artist who understands her unique style of music and the impact she aims to make in the world with her talent. Her soothing vocals will consistently captivate you whenever she sings. Her debut release, titled “I Like That” produced by Lynx Entertainment’s Richie Mensah, has garnered over 1 million streams on Boomplay and the same success on various DSPs.

Effs has graced stages worldwide, delivering exceptional performances that have left a lasting impact. Not only does she showcase her vocal prowess, but she also demonstrates her songwriting skills by curating a Christian love album for renowned Oxfordshire instrumentalist, Peter Sanford. Noteworthy venues such as Camden Jazz Cafe, PEGAL, and POETRY in Motion have witnessed her captivating performances.

As an artist, Effs’s primary goal is to serve and inspire. She strives to utilize her extraordinary talents, particularly her mesmerizing voice, as a catalyst for positive change and hope on a global scale. With each performance, she aims to touch hearts and uplift spirits, leaving a lasting impression on audiences around the world.

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