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Rising Hip Hop Artist Tay Toe Drops New Single “Anxiety”

Tay Toe
Tay Toe

Tay Toe, a burgeoning talent from Salt Lake City by way of Los Angeles, is set to make a significant mark in the hip hop world. His most popular single “Anxiety” is available on all platforms, and he is successfully promoting it globally. This track delves into the raw emotions of battling anxiety and depression, capturing the struggle of staying true to oneself amidst life’s challenges. “Anxiety” showcases Tay Toe’s lyrical prowess and his ability to connect deeply with listeners through his music.

In “Anxiety,” Tay Toe’s introspective verses and heartfelt chorus reflect the inner turmoil and resilience faced during tough times. The lyrics, such as “Anxiety depression it kills me like I lost touch of the real me” and “I changed up but I’m still me,” resonate with anyone who has faced similar struggles.

Tay Toe’s clever wordplay, contemporary production, and sincere storytelling make “Anxiety” a compelling listen. He says, “I only write when I’m inspired because I want my music to be meaningful,” and this authenticity shines through in his music. With “Anxiety” leading the way, Tay Toe is poised to leave a lasting impact on today’s hip hop scene.

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