Rising Nigerian Musician JED XO Drops Hard-Hitting Afrobeats Anthem “Ghetto”


Nigerian Afropop artist JED XO has unleashed his latest single, “Ghetto,” a captivating fusion of Afrobeats, mesmerizing drums, and powerful storytelling. With this song, JED XO immerses listeners in the gritty realities of slum life, where trust is a rarity, and love is a precious commodity. His evocative vocals, melodic raps, and lyrical prowess craft a vivid narrative that honors the resilience and strength required to survive life on the edge.

JED XO’s music journey, which began in the Nigerian countryside, has taken him into the exciting realm of Web3 technology to fund his career. From the captivating resonance of the conga drum to an NFT-driven music landscape, JED XO’s path is a testament to the power of community and individuality.

JED XO Ghetto
Ghetto cover art

Since his debut in the Web3 music sphere in 2022, JED XO has flourished, amassing a dedicated fanbase. His single “Soulcry” achieved instant success, selling out 100 NFTs in under a week. His current NFT release, “Lost,” has sold over 800 copies in less than a month, solidifying his presence in the Web3 music community.

Born into a royal Nigerian family in the countryside, JED XO found community and music in the church he attended with his aunt. It was there that the conga drum’s spellbinding rhythm first captured his heart. Over the years, he advanced within online music communities, gradually finding his path.

However, it was the introduction to Web3 technology that pushed JED XO to embrace a full-fledged music career. Inspired by independent artists using music NFTs to shape their careers, he realized he could create the music career he had always envisioned without relying on the resources provided by major labels.

JED XO’s journey reflects his resilience and commitment to overcoming obstacles, from learning how to mint a music NFT with less than $20 to rebuilding his Twitter presence after an account crash. He understands the power of community and the collective strength it provides.

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