Rising Nigerian Musician Kilo Releases New Song “Your Independence”


Rising Nigerian musician Kilo has unveiled his latest single titled “Your Independence.” The song delves into the complexities of a relationship between two individuals who have a history together. Kilo reflects on their reconnection after the COVID-19 pandemic, expressing his frustration as he realizes that the girl he likes only wants to remain friends without any romantic involvement.

“Your Independence” is a heartfelt Afrobeat track, showcasing Kilo’s unique style and musicality. The lyrics convey his message that the girl doesn’t need to prove her independence to him, as he navigates the challenges of their complicated relationship.

Kilo Your Independence
Your independence coverart

Kilo, a talented artist from Nigeria, has been steadily making waves in the music industry with his captivating sound and relatable lyrics. “Your Independence” is another testament to his ability to connect with listeners through his music.

Listeners can enjoy “Your Independence” on various streaming platforms and connect with Kilo on social media to stay updated on his latest releases and upcoming projects.

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