Rising R&B Sensation Dre Murro Drops Captivating New Single “4 Me Only”

4 me Only Cover
4 me Only Cover

Renowned R&B artist Dre Murro has once again set the music scene ablaze with the release of his latest track, “4 Me Only.”

This soulful and emotionally charged song showcases Dre’s exceptional lyrical prowess and is accompanied by the unique Afrobeats-inspired production of multi-platinum producer Mr. Hanky. The combination of love, trust, and insecurity themes in Dre’s lyrics, paired with the mesmerizing beats, makes “4 Me Only” an instant standout in the world of modern R&B.

The song’s opening verse, “Here we are drinkin’, Like you needed a reason to get deeper, Tellin’ all of your secrets, You were the first to let go of your fears, Now you’re standing about-face, hope you’re running the right race; surely,” sets the tone for a narrative that navigates the complexities of love and vulnerability.

The powerful bridge, “No, don’t you doubt it girl, you’re my obsession, Don’t need to check my phone to see who I’ve been texting, No, I just need your love if I give you protection, But I’m a little nervous, so let me breathe, Tryna figure out what I need,” is a heartfelt expression of the emotional rollercoaster inherent in human relationships.

The chorus, “But I know that I don’t want distance, Don’t know why I can’t make decisions when it comes to this, I need to know your intentions, Let me know while we’re standing face to face, Will you open up for me only? Take that off and just open up for me only, Give me all of your lovin’, just to me only, No disguises, let me see your face, Give it up for me only,” captures the desire for intimacy and authenticity in a world often marked by uncertainties.

Born DeAndre “Dre Murro” Moore, the artist’s musical journey began at the tender age of two, captivating audiences with his performances in church youth choirs in North Carolina and Off-Broadway musicals in New York City. Now 27 years old, Dre Murro is a rising star, often referred to as the “Prince of R&B from NC,” ready to make a significant impact on the R&B scene.

Dre’s musical career took off in 2016 with his debut mixtape, 9INE, featuring the popular track “PlayTime,” which amassed over 200k streams on Pandora. In 2017, Dre joined forces with his father to establish 9INE Records and inked an exclusive distribution deal with EMPIRE. This collaboration kicked off with the release of “Know U Know” featuring Young Dolph, produced by the Grammy-nominated Ricky Racks. Dre’s journey continued with a college tour, collaborations with notable producers, and the release of compelling mixtapes and EPs. His relocation to Atlanta in 2019 marked a new chapter in his artistic growth, and in 2020, he unveiled the acclaimed project Her New Favorite.

With “4 Me Only,” Dre Murro proves yet again that he is an artist unafraid to delve deep into matters of the heart. The track is a testament to his ability to connect with listeners through his emotive storytelling and undeniable talent. As the R&B sensation continues to captivate audiences, his star power is set to shine brighter than ever before.

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