Rising Toronto Artist Brett Will Drops Energetic New Single “Up 2 Something”

Brett Will
Brett Will

Canadian artist, songwriter, engineer, and producer Brett Will is set to electrify the music scene with his latest single, “Up 2 Something.” This high-energy track, the second release from his upcoming debut album, is an exhilarating invitation to get the party started and dance the night away.

With “Up 2 Something,” Brett Will delivers an infectious and upbeat vibe that will have listeners grooving from start to finish. The song’s lyrics explore the theme of fair-weather friends and acquaintances who only show up when things are going well, but disappear when times get tough.

Brett Will Up 2 Something
Up 2 something cover

Brett Will, hailing from Toronto, Ontario, is a dynamic artist known for his captivating music and vibrant stage presence. “Up 2 Something” embodies his ability to craft music that resonates with listeners, blending relatable themes with an irresistible party atmosphere.

This single encapsulates the essence of a lively celebration, encouraging music enthusiasts to turn up the volume, let loose, and embrace the pulsating energy of “Up 2 Something.” Brett Will’s authenticity and passion for his craft shine through in every beat and lyric.

As Brett Will continues to forge his musical path, “Up 2 Something” stands as a testament to his determination and talent, setting the stage for the highly anticipated release of his debut album.