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Rizk Releases Upbeat Dancehall Song “Pon Lock”


Jamaican pop artiste, writer, and producer Rizk has recently released an energetic dancehall song titled “Pon Lock.” Rizk’s unique soundscape combines elements of Pop and R&B music within the context of Dancehall, Reggae-Pop, and Afro-Beats. Influenced by artists ranging from Third World, Chronixx, Drake, and Sean Paul to Seal, ABBA, and even video game soundtracks, Rizk’s musical style is diverse and captivating.

Rizk’s journey in music began in Nashville, Tennessee, where he honed his natural passion for singing and songwriting. He performed at various venues throughout the city, further developing his craft alongside his music business program at school. Rizk’s writing revolves around the different shades of love, aiming to bring various perspectives to life through his music.

Rizk Pon Lock
Rizk pon lock artwork

With his versatile musical style, Rizk offers songs that cater to different moods and vibes. Whether you’re looking for something to uplift your spirits or to dive into your emotions, Rizk is sure to have a tune that fits the vibe. His ability to create infectious dancehall tracks with catchy melodies and relatable lyrics makes him an artist worth paying attention to.

As Rizk continues to explore and experiment with different genres and musical influences, he brings a fresh and dynamic sound to the Jamaican pop scene. Fans can expect more captivating releases from Rizk as he continues to share his unique perspective through his music.

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