RMZ and Psycho YP Combine Talents for “Sinning”

RMZ and Psycho YP
RMZ and Psycho YP

Rising Nigerian musician RMZ is back with an electrifying new single titled “Sinning,” featuring the dynamic talent of Abuja’s very own rockstar, Psycho YP. This collaboration promises to deliver a sonic experience that is nothing short of unforgettable, as RMZ’s signature style meets the distinctive energy of Psycho YP.

Set to drop on October 20, 2023, “Sinning” marks RMZ’s latest musical endeavor. Known for his versatility and ability to seamlessly blend genres, RMZ has rapidly ascended the ranks in the music industry, establishing himself as a prominent figure in the Nigerian music scene. With “Sinning,” RMZ continues to push creative boundaries and carve his unique path in the world of music.

RMZ and Psycho YP Sinning
Sinning cover

Psycho YP, the electrifying talent from Abuja, brings his own brand of energy and charisma to this collaboration. Together, RMZ and Psycho YP promise to deliver a genre-defying sound that captivates and resonates with listeners worldwide.

“Sinning” represents the creative forces of two incredible artists coming together, promising a unique and exciting musical journey. The track’s fusion of styles, lyrics, and energies creates an infectious sound that is sure to make waves in the music industry.

RMZ and Psycho YP share a common vision: to create music that transcends boundaries and brings people together through the universal language of music. Their commitment to pushing creative boundaries and making a lasting impact on the industry is evident in the electrifying energy they bring to “Sinning.”

As “Sinning” prepares to make its debut, fans and music enthusiasts can look forward to a track that not only entertains but also unites and inspires. RMZ and Psycho YP are poised to captivate audiences with their unique musicality, and this collaboration promises to be a testament to their dedication to their craft.

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