Roshan Isaac Drops Latest Hip-Hop Banger “HIT THE ROAD”

Roshan Isaac
Roshan Isaac

Malaysian-based musician Roshan Isaac is back with a brand new hip-hop track titled “HIT THE ROAD.” Music has always been an integral part of Roshan’s life, and this multi-lingual artist (fluent in English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, and Tamil) has a diverse musical background that shines through in his latest release.

Roshan Isaac’s journey in music began under the influence of his mother, who was also a performer. Growing up, he was exposed to classics from the ’70s and ’80s, with inspirations like Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Chicago, and more. He started his singing career as a bathroom singer, performing at family weddings and birthdays.

Roshan Isaac HIT THE ROAD

In his early years, Roshan was the lead singer in his local church choir, which further honed his vocal skills. He then ventured into performing at events and competitions at his school, and with encouragement from family and friends, he began creating covers of popular songs, sharing them on Instagram, where they received an enthusiastic response.

With his latest hip-hop track “HIT THE ROAD,” Roshan Isaac showcases his versatility and passion for music. This release adds to his growing collection of songs that blend various musical influences, creating a sound uniquely his own.

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