SA 7-Year-Old Azania Sweeney’s Mesmerizing Runway Performance Goes Viral

Azania Sweeney
Azania Sweeney

Azania Sweeney, the 7-year-old South African sensation, has taken the internet by storm with a viral video from her remarkable appearance at Colombia Fashion Kids (CFK) 2023. The video, showcasing Azania’s charm and talent on the CFK runway, has garnered an astonishing 10 million views on Instagram, propelling her into the global spotlight.

Azania’s journey at Colombia Fashion Kids has been nothing short of extraordinary. Within just one week of her captivating performance at the event, her Instagram followers skyrocketed from 400 to an astonishing 59,000. This exponential growth in her online presence demonstrates the immense impact of her participation in CFK and her burgeoning status as a rising star in the world of kid fashion.

Colombia Fashion Kids, renowned as the premier kid-fashion runway event in Latin America, took place in the historic city of Bogota from 23 – 29 August 2023. The event gathered international kid-fashion designers from across the globe, including Venezuela, Peru, Canada, Colombia, Panama, the USA, Brazil, Puerto Rico, and more. These designers showcased their standout collections, contributing to the flourishing kid-model fashion industry.

Merv Marvey, the South African creative artist, performer, and talent coach, played an integral role in selecting Azania personally for the international platform. Recognizing her exceptional talent and star potential, Marvey made the strategic choice to include Azania in the Colombia Fashion Kids lineup. His keen eye for talent and industry expertise set the stage for Azania’s phenomenal success.

Eduard Duque, the CEO and Founder of Colombia Fashion Kids, wholeheartedly approved the selection and casting choice of Azania Sweeney. Duque’s support and belief in Azania’s unique abilities paved the way for her historic participation in the first edition of Colombia Fashion Kids as the first African and South African child to grace its prestigious runway.

Azania Sweeney
Azania Sweeney

Colombia Fashion Kids featured over 60 models hailing from Latin America and the Americas, representing countries such as Peru, Colombia, Puerto Rico, the USA, Canada, Nicaragua, Panama, Chile, and more. The event epitomized diversity and inclusivity, creating a vibrant tapestry of talent and culture.

 What sets CFK apart is its deep commitment to a noble cause that resonated with Azania’s parents and coach Merv Marvey. CFK collaborates with the Down Syndrome Corporation in Bogota, Colombia, a non-profit organization run by parents of children and young people born with Down syndrome. The entire proceeds from the fashion week are dedicated to providing much-needed support, medical attention, and resources to children and young people with Down syndrome.

Coach Merv Marvey reflected on the event, saying, “As audience members, witnessing kids and young people of different realities, races, backgrounds, and spectrums coming together through fashion and performance was incredibly special and inspirational. It reminded me of the natural humility that transcends all differences.”

Colombia Fashion Kids 2023 was more than a runway event, it was a celebration of diversity, inclusion, and the transformative power of fashion and performance. Azania Sweeney’s viral moment and rapid rise to 50,000 Instagram followers within a week underscore her status as a rising star in the kid fashion world, solidifying her place in the hearts of admirers around the globe.