Sam Akins Unveils Soul-Stirring Afrobeats Track “i’m fine, i’m okay”

Sam Akins
Sam Akins

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Sam Akins, has recently released his soul-stirring Afrobeats track, “i’m fine, i’m okay.” This song beautifully captures the journey of finding inner strength to overcome life’s darkest moments, depicting the relatable experience of wearing a brave face in public while dealing with inner struggles and holding onto hope for a better future.

“i’m fine, i’m okay” is the latest independent release by Sam Akins, marking the next chapter in his promising music career. With a soulful voice and a gift for crafting heartfelt lyrics that resonate deeply, Sam connects with listeners on a personal and universal level.

Sam Akins i'm fine, i'm ok
Sam Akins i’m fine, i’m ok

Originally from Nigeria and having lived in various countries, Sam Akins is a versatile artist with a diverse range of musical influences, spanning from Afro to Pop, Gospel to EDM. His music reflects his rich musical background and unique sound.

“i’m fine, i’m okay” is the second independent release by Sam Akins, who continues to make a meaningful impact with his music. His latest track serves as a testament to his artistry and ability to connect with audiences on a profound level.

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