Samini Delivers a Visual Spectacle with ‘Good Vibes’ Music Video


Music luminary, Samini, has once again demonstrated his artistic brilliance by translating the melodic essence of his latest single, ‘Good Vibes,’ into a visually-enchanting narrative. The music video for ‘Good Vibes’ premiered today on Samini’s YouTube channel, just a fortnight after the release of the head-bobbing single.

Directed by the talented Yaw SkyFace, the captivating video takes viewers on a journey against the mesmerizing backdrop of Dubai. The city’s breathtaking skyline and natural landscapes serve as a stunning canvas for this visual spectacle. With scenes of a bare-chested Samini enjoying the luxury of a yacht and pool, the video is a visual treat, particularly for his female fans who are sure to be swooned by his charismatic presence.

EyesinDubai, a Dubai-based Ghanaian production and travel agency, played a pivotal role in bringing this project to life. They assisted in scouting locations, logistics, models, and securing yachts for the video shoot, contributing to the overall success of the video’s stunning visuals.

Samini’s relentless creativity shines through in the ‘Good Vibes’ music video, adding another feather to his cap as he continues to push the boundaries of artistry and entertainment. Music enthusiasts are in for a treat as they can now enjoy the captivating ‘Good Vibes’ music video below

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Osafo Daniel
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