Sanbox Releases Inspirational New Song “Pray”


Sanbox, a talented artist hailing from Trelawny, Jamaica, has recently released his latest song titled “Pray.” Recorded on December 1st, 2020, in Jamaica, this soulful track was captured outside next to the ocean, creating a serene and uplifting atmosphere. The song was recorded using an SM-47 microphone and mixed and mastered by Skelli Skel, who also composed the music.

Sanbox, born and raised in Trelawny, Jamaica, has always been a natural performer. From his early days perfecting backflips and dance moves to his MCing career, Sanbox has been a stalwart in Negril’s club scene. Recently, he has focused his energy on recording and collaborating with a variety of musicians, including Skelli Skel, I$$A, and Snugsworth from the United States.

Sanbox Pray
Sanbox pray cover art

“Pray” is a powerful and inspirational song that showcases Sanbox’s unique style and heartfelt lyrics. The recording captures the essence of the beautiful Jamaican shores, creating a captivating and uplifting experience for listeners. With his soulful vocals and the skillful composition by Skelli Skel, “Pray” is a testament to Sanbox’s talent and dedication to his craft.

Sanbox’s music resonates with audiences, offering a message of hope, faith, and the power of prayer. Through his music, he aims to inspire listeners and create a positive impact in their lives. “Pray” serves as a reminder of the importance of connecting with a higher power and finding solace in prayer.