Sarkodie Unveils ‘This Is Tema Festival’ Grand Return for 2023

Sarkodie by David Townhill
Sarkodie by David Townhill

Ghana’s rap sensation, Sarkodie, has announced the Dates for the 2023 edition of his annual “This Is Tema Festival”. With much fanfare and excitement, Sarkodie, a proud native of Tema, shared the exhilarating news that the festival is making a triumphant return after a hiatus.

Scheduled to take place from December 1st to 2nd at the scenic Chemu Park in Tema Community 4, this year’s ‘This Is Tema Festival’ promises to be a grander, more spectacular affair than ever before. More than a mere music event, the festival is a vibrant celebration of Tema’s rich cultural heritage and its illustrious musical legacy.

Sarkodie This Is Tema Festival
This Is Tema Festival

Boasting an all-star lineup featuring both local and international artists, the festival will serve as a captivating platform for emerging talents, making it an essential date on the calendar for all music enthusiasts. What distinguishes this edition of the festival is its diverse range of activities, including electrifying live music performances, a delectable showcase of local cuisine, vibrant displays of arts, and a series of thrilling sports events.

Sarkodie’s unwavering dedication to revitalizing the festival underscores his commitment to nurturing local talent and creating an unforgettable cultural experience. The ‘This Is Tema Festival’ is set to be an unmissable celebration of music, culture, and community.

Prepare to witness Tema come alive once more as the ‘This Is Tema Festival’ makes its grand return in 2023. Stay tuned for further updates and be ready to mark your calendars, as this event is destined to become a standout highlight on Ghana’s music calendar.

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