Sarkodie’s “Otan” – An Anthem of Resilience and Faith

Sarkodie By David Townhill
Sarkodie by David Townhill

Ghanaian rap icon Sarkodie finally drops his highly anticipated track “Otan,” a song that addresses his haters and showcases his unwavering resilience. After months of teasing the snippet, which went viral and fueled immense anticipation, Sarkodie delivers a powerful anthem produced by the talented MOG Beats that speaks to overcoming adversity and achieving success against all odds.

“Otan” tackles the theme of false friends and the hidden agendas people may harbor. Sarkodie reflects on his journey and admits to being surprised by those who he considered friends turning out to be haters. However, he emphasizes that he is a product of God’s grace and remains unfazed by negativity.

The song’s main chorus is a powerful declaration of faith and determination. the chorus goes, “Let your angels cover me every day, cover me every night. Na otan hunu no adoso. I am at the top and I keep on winning, higher we go, highest we go dey.” 

“Otan” is more than just a song; it’s a statement of defiance and a message of hope. It serves as an inspiration to anyone facing challenges and obstacles in their lives. Sarkodie reminds us that with faith, perseverance, and a positive mindset, we can overcome any adversity and achieve our goals.