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Scharliina Releases Uplifting Afro Pop Single “Fairytale”


Top charting artist, songwriter, and producer Scharliina has recently unveiled her latest single, “Fairytale.” This happy and positive summer song embodies the belief in love and good things to come.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic song “Africa” by Toto, “Fairytale” is an afro pop track that aims to instill hope and positivity in its listeners. The music video for “Fairytale” was shot in Greece, Spain, and Italy, aligning with the lyrics that transport listeners to these beautiful destinations. The song serves as a reminder to create a fairytale life for oneself and embrace self-love and travel experiences. It encapsulates the essence of an afropop summer vibe, encouraging listeners to embrace happiness and live their best lives.

Scharliina Fairytale Artwork
Scharliina Fairytale Artwork

Scharliina, a multi-talented artist at the age of 24, has built her reputation as a top charting artist, songwriter, and producer. She is also recognized for her work as an actress and model, having appeared in various popular TV series and movies. Her recent role in the number one global Netflix movie “The Abyss” has further solidified her presence in the entertainment industry.

As a creative individual, Scharliina channels her deepest emotions and burdens into her art, using her intuition to transform and transmute them into something beautiful. She is known for her ability to tackle deep topics such as eating disorders, addictions, and child abuse. Her commitment to making a difference led her to create the nonprofit organization “Little Girl Project,” which addresses the issue of child sexual abuse. Scharliina has performed her song “Pieces of Me” for survivors of child sexual abuse in the European Parliament on December 6, 2023.

“Fairytale” follows the success of Scharliina’s debut single “Running,” which hit the Swedish iTunes Top charts on its release day and spent several days on the top 50 pop charts. Her single “Little Girl” debuted at number one in Finland on its release day, May 6, 2022.

With her latest single, “Fairytale,” Scharliina continues to captivate listeners with her uplifting and inspiring music. Drawing influences from the iconic “Africa” by Toto, she creates a unique blend of afro pop vibes that resonate with audiences worldwide.

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