Sean Quince Drops Inspirational Dancehall Track “Winning”

Rising Jamaican artist Sean Quince, also known as the “Cold Hearted Kid,” has just released his latest dancehall single, “Winning.” The track is an inspirational anthem that encourages listeners to persevere through life’s challenges and keep striving for success.

In “Winning,” Sean Quince’s captivating vocals and high-energy presence create an infectious and uplifting atmosphere. The song carries a powerful message about triumphing over adversity and never giving up on your dreams. It’s a musical motivation that’s sure to resonate with audiences worldwide.

Sean Quince’s journey in music began with his debut release, “Cold Hearted Kid,” which showcased his unique ability to blend the Jamaican Dancehall sound with elements of passion and social commentary. This distinctive approach led to the local community affectionately calling him the “Cold Hearted Kid,” with “cold” representing the rarity and preciousness of diamonds.

The Gordon Town/Parish 14 native continues to evolve his lyrical prowess, addressing various themes in his music, from overcoming poverty to celebrating the beauty of the Jamaican landscape, love and romance, and much more. His tracks have received acclaim from both local and international fans, with DJs from around the world giving his music airplay.

Check out the official music video for “Winning” by Sean Quince in the video embedded above

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