Sefa Releases “Vibration” Featuring Ivorian Legend Freddy Meiway


Ghanaian singer-songwriter Sefa, known for her incredible vocal prowess and musical versatility, has made a triumphant return to the music scene, ending her brief hiatus with the release of her 2023 track, “Vibration.” This electrifying single is a collaboration with the Ivorian music legend Freddy Meiway, and it promises to captivate listeners with its unique blend of sounds and nostalgia.

“Vibration” was born out of an unexpected but well-executed sampling session, as Sefa teamed up with the iconic Ivorian artist Meiway. The result is a musical masterpiece that combines the best of both worlds.

Sefa Vibration
Vibration cover

The track, which is the second single from her highly anticipated EP, comes on the heels of her club banger “Enjoyment,” showcasing Sefa’s ability to effortlessly switch between musical styles and genres.

Sefa shared her inspiration behind “Vibration,” stating, “Being inspired by my childhood favorites is the best therapy for me. I always find myself listening to songs that were performed even before I was born.” She recalled her childhood memories and the influence of timeless classics on her musical journey.

Describing the creative process, Sefa revealed, “I chanced on this particular one from the African Legend Meiway from 1991 called ‘200% Zoblazo.’ I remember hearing it playing around the townships growing up as a kid. I called up a few producers and set up listening and production sessions.”

Renowned producer Afrolekra played a pivotal role in crafting the distinctive sound for “Vibration.” The track seamlessly melds Afrobeat and Amapiano influences with the sampled Meiway record, resulting in an infectious and memorable composition.

Sefa expressed her enthusiasm for the song, declaring it her personal favorite among all her works. “This is my favorite Sefa record of all time,” she said, emphasizing the pride she takes in “Vibration.”

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