Sh3lter’s ‘Greater Tings’ Delivers a Soulful Message of Hope


Emerging Afro Soul artist, Sh3lter, is set to make her mark on the music scene with the release of her highly-anticipated debut single, “Greater Tings.”

This soulful masterpiece showcases her exceptional talent as a singer-songwriter, capturing the essence of her soulful vocals and captivating lyrics.

Produced by the acclaimed Master Maison, “Greater Tings” is a culmination of Sh3lter’s musical journey and creative exploration. It boasts an impressive array of musical elements, blending traditional Afro-soul soundscapes with modern production techniques. Sh3lter’s captivating vocals find a rich and dynamic musical backdrop in this song.


The single doesn’t just mark Sh3lter’s arrival in the music industry; it’s also a display of her exceptional songwriting skills. The lyrics draw inspiration from her personal journey and experiences, creating a truly immersive and emotionally charged listening experience for her audience.

Sh3lter shared her thoughts on the creation of “Greater Tings,” saying, “I know there are a lot of amazing self-help songs that capture our stories, and ‘Greater Tings’ is no exception. Since, as humans, we tend to forget that things will get better due to the challenges we experience in life, ‘Greater Tings’ exists to remind us all that we are not alone in our moments of self-doubt and loneliness. You are loved, you are specifically made to achieve greater things. Remember, greater things are subjective, so let’s celebrate every win, irrespective of how small or big.”

Influenced by iconic artists such as Bob Marley, Lucky Dube, and Asa, Sh3lter has crafted a unique sound that pays homage to her musical inspirations while carving out her path in the industry.

Listen to “Greater Tings” on all platforms here

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