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Siribeatz Takes Listeners on a Sonic Journey with “Midnight Cruise”


Straight off a 2023 run of instrumental releases and a “Sirious Riddims” EP that showcased the unique Sonic styles that abound across Africa, especially in Ghana,  Siribeatz makes his 2024 debut with ‘Midnight Cruise’ another instrumental project with an immersive feeling, allowing listeners enjoy their drives or build up their energy for a day, or a big moment. 

The latest release released worldwide across the DSPS on the 22nd of February has gathered close to 4,000 streams on Spotify and has been spotlighted by music libraries and licensing agencies. Produced by Siribeatz x Kaiiondabeat x Beaticide, it explores the diverse Sonic styles that abound in the Ghanaian music scene. 

Siribeatz Midnight Cruise Artwork
Siribeatz midnight cruise artwork

In the dynamic landscape of music, it’s the innovative sounds that carve memorable experiences for listeners worldwide. With great excitement, we introduce “Midnight Cruise” by Siribeatz, a Sonic masterpiece with contributions from Kaiiondabeat x Beaticiide. 

The song is already getting Favourite across the DSPs and frequent additions to playlists across Africa including ‘Afro Chill’, ‘Traffic Jams Naija’, ‘Afro My Piano’, and ‘Troski Rhythms’ among many other indie playlists. 

Siribeatz most popular for his 2020 production ‘Akobam’ for Ghana’s iconic rapper Joey B, is ecstatic about what 2024 will bring as his team and partner creatives have been working with new and renowned to craft Sonic styles that will amplify the quality and beauty of Ghanaian music across the world. 

“Midnight Cruise” offers a unique blend of ambient and electronic vibes, promising to transport listeners on a journey of introspection and relaxation. It is believed to have the potential to become a frequent anthem on your playlists. 

Siribeatz with this new record sets the mood for your big moments, drives, and daily activities, giving you the best vibe to relax and step out in your power through your activities. A unique sonic blend produced by Siribeatz x Kaiiondabeat x Beaticide. 

Gathering close to 5,000 streams across all DSPs since its release on the 22nd of February, it has been added to a few popular Spotify playlists including ‘Afro Chill’ ‘Traffic Jams Naija’, ‘Afro My Piano’, ‘Troski Rhythms’ introducing him to new audiences across Africa that have fallen in love with the new sound. 

Elevate in your moment today, listen to Midnight Cruise on your Favourite DSP here  

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