Snowflake Tha Magnificent Releases Enchanting Afro Love Song “Run To Me” featuring Dhoriz

Snowflake Tha Magnificent
Snowflake Tha Magnificent

Nigerian rapper, singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur, Snowflake Tha Magnificent, has recently released a captivating new song titled “Run To Me.” This enchanting Afro love song features the mesmerizing vocals of Dhoriz, creating a beautiful collaboration that captivates listeners.

“Run To Me” is a rhythmic and soulful track that invites lovers to embrace and cherish each moment together. The song embodies the essence of passionate love, celebrating the beauty of connection and the desire to be there for one another. With its vibrant Afrobeat influences and heartfelt lyrics, “Run To Me” takes its audience on a musical journey that resonates with the joys and emotions of love.

Snowflake Tha Magnificent Run To Me

Snowflake Tha Magnificent, whose real name is Paul Hinjari, has been making waves in the Nigerian music scene. He gained recognition with the release of his first project titled “Tha Barcode” in 2014. In 2016, the music video for his song “Toast To That” was featured in a documentary on Channels TV titled “The Rise of Hip-Hop in Nigeria.” Snowflake Tha Magnificent has since released two more projects, “Winter is Coming” and “Growth,” showcasing his growth as an artist.

The collaboration with Dhoriz in “Run To Me” adds an extra layer of depth and emotion to the song. Dhoriz’s mesmerizing vocals complement Snowflake Tha Magnificent’s rap verses, creating a harmonious blend that further enhances the enchanting nature of the track.

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