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Sofie has us on cloud nine with her new single ‘BLUR’

Ghanaian German-American singer Sofie

Sofie channels her remarkably sweet vocals into this new piece titled Blur.

The splendid singer has a classic on her hands this week-one we find reminiscent of 70s R&B – though having an Afro-Pop twist to it. Its lyrics come off gentle and bespoke the singer’s charming personality.

Remember how happy and carefree you felt in the first weeks of your current (or past) love? Everything was just dandy and Sofie effortlessly recounts these feelings in the best of words to better amplify them: ”New love honeymoon phases. Offering my heart will you take it?/Only last week we were strangers. Now we’re acquainted”, she sings in her silken tone.

Sofie Blur
Produced by Carter Pankow, ‘BLUR’ offers an electrifying tale of a budding romance in its honeymoon phase, striking a beautiful balance between vocals & songwriting, and is a must-listen.

Sofie is a Ghanaian German-American singer-songwriter and producer that grew up in the UK and leans in R&B, with a hint of West African instruments and rhythms. She is a recent alumna of the Berklee College of Music and has a music catalogue of singles and two EPs to her name – her most recent of the former being ‘If You Don’t Stop’ (2021). She’s charged up and ready to win more hearts in the months ahead, stay tuned!

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Cover art by Lavern Clerk: @naaclerk
Graphic design by Lena Morton: @lenaxmorton
Written by Sofie and Author
Produced and mixed by Carter Pankow
Bass guitar by Paul “Papabear” Johnson
Djembe by NiiQuaye
Background vocal arrangement by Gayathri Krishnan and Sofie
Mastered by Alexander Wright

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