South East London’s Savvie Unviels New EP ‘God is Gangsta’


Savvie, the rising star from South East London, is set to captivate audiences with the release of his highly anticipated EP, ‘God is Gangsta,’ With a distinctive melodic hip-hop sound, Savvie is being hailed as the Kendrick Lamar of the UK, delivering a flow that seamlessly blends energy and introspective lyricism.

Savvie’s ‘God is Gangsta’ EP is a musical journey that invites listeners to vibe along with his infectious energy while delving deep into thoughtful and meaningful lyrics. The singles ‘Church On Friday’ and ‘Spark The Fire’ serve as a powerful introduction to the EP, addressing profound themes such as depression and love, all while infusing a spiritual energy into the soulful hip-hop vibe.

‘God is Gangsta’ is a fresh breath of air in the UK Hip-Hop scene; Savvie’s ability to seamlessly blend deep, contemplative themes with a captivating and melodic hip-hop style is truly exceptional.

This EP is set to be welcomed with nodding heads and open hearts. Connect With Savvie on Instagram and Listen to him on Spotify.