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Star2 and FG Fame Unveil Compelling Collaboration “I Don’t Like You”

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Renowned Ka-ren refugee pop artists Star2 and FG Fame have joined forces to introduce their latest single and music video, “I Don’t Like You,” a captivating collaboration that brings their stories of exile and perseverance to a wider audience. Hailing from the minority ethnic group in Myanmar, Star2 and Fame’s music serves as a powerful platform to share their experiences and connect with listeners on a profound level.

“I Don’t Like You” is a spirited anthem that delves into the complexities of young, unrequited love, shedding light on the gossip and drama that often accompany such situations. The song portrays the story of a determined girl who falsely claims to be the girlfriend of Fame and later, Star2, boasting to her friends and spreading rumors about her imaginary relationships. However, both artists handle the situation with grace, gently setting the record straight while addressing the challenges of navigating such circumstances.

The accompanying music video, filmed on location in vibrant Bangkok, Thailand, perfectly complements the captivating strings and infectious beats of the song with lush, colorful backdrops. The result is an infectious, action-packed saga that showcases the immense talents of Star2 and FG Fame, who have persevered through hardships to create music that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Star2, reflecting on the collaboration, shares, “Fame likes to sing romantic songs, and so do I! ‘I Don’t Like You’ is fun and light. We had a great time filming the video in Bangkok. Ka-ren artists are underrated, and the world will soon witness their exceptional talent.”

“I Don’t Like You” stands as a testament to the resilience and creativity of Star2 and FG Fame, offering a glimpse into their vibrant musical artistry and the compelling narratives they bring to life through their music. The song serves as a celebration of their cultural heritage and a testament to their unwavering determination to share their stories with the world.

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