Steph Unruly Drops Seductive Summer Anthem “Tek Time”

Steph Unruly Tek Time
Tek Time Stills

Rising Kenyan-bred recording artist, Steph Unruly, returns to the music scene with her latest electrifying single, “Tek Time.” This dance-floor-ready track features Steph’s magnetic presence and unforgettable beats, setting the stage for her highly anticipated sophomore project, “Proof of Concept.”

Collaborating with renowned Kenyan beatsmith ÜZRR, a frequent partner in her musical journey, Steph Unruly delivers a pulsating summer bop that teases and tantalizes listeners. The song’s infectious hook, paired with flirtatious lyrics, make “Tek Time” an irresistible earworm. The track’s lively and upbeat vibe, reminiscent of island sounds from the West Indies, adds to its appeal.

Steph Unruly Tek Time Stills
Steph Unruly Tek Time Stills

In “Tek Time,” Steph Unruly showcases her versatile artistry and sound, combining elements of pop, dancehall, and rap to create a vibrant and captivating single. Her ability to blend genres and experiment with different soundscapes has been a hallmark of her music.

“I wanted to continue showcasing my versatility with this single,” says Steph Unruly. “I enjoy creating upbeat, colorful, and high-energy music. ‘Tek Time’ is my take on pop, infused with my dancehall and rap influences.”

With a history of pushing boundaries and defying genre constraints, Steph Unruly’s music is a reflection of her unique sound palette. “Tek Time” blends these diverse influences into a sweet, candy-coated single that leaves listeners eager for more.

In 2021, Steph Unruly was awarded Drill Artist of the Year at Kenya’s Unkut Hip Hop Awards, solidifying her presence in the country’s hip-hop scene. “Tek Time” is yet another addition to her impressive body of work, promising an exciting future with more music releases on the horizon.

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