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Stunkid’s ‘ROOM 14’ EP Delivers a Sonic Experience of Gratitude and Love


Rising Kumasi-based rapper, Stunkid, is set to captivate music enthusiasts with the debut of his Extended Play (EP) titled “ROOM 14.”

The title holds a special significance as it’s where Stunkid first recognized his musical talents. The EP offers a collection of tracks that delve into gratitude, personal growth, love, and self-discovery, making it a must-listen for hip-hop aficionados.

Stunkid Room 14
Stunkid room 14


  1. Jehovah: An ode of gratitude to the Almighty, acknowledging His eternal compassion for humanity.
  2. Vibrance on Vibes: Reflects on Stunkid’s journey, showcasing how he and his friend Jeffrey overcame challenges to be embraced by their peers, turning their vibes into infectious melodies.
  3. All for You: A heartfelt love story that portrays Stunkid’s first love encounter, ending on a bittersweet note despite the sacrifices made.
  4. All for You (Alternate Version): An alternate take on the track “All for You.”
  5. Run To: A high-energy finale encouraging listeners to chase their aspirations, overcome adversity, and strive for success.

Stunkid’s “ROOM 14” is available for listening on various streaming platforms. This EP marks the commencement of his musical journey, promising listeners an insightful and engaging experience.

For more information about Stunkid and the release of “ROOM 14,” please visit Stunkid’s Heylink.me profile here https://heylink.me/Stunkid

Stunkid’s debut EP “ROOM 14” offers a glimpse into the artist’s talent, storytelling abilities, and a promising future in the world of hip-hop. This collection of tracks encapsulates Stunkid’s journey, from gratitude and self-discovery to the complexities of love and personal growth, making it an exciting and meaningful addition to the music scene.