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T.H.E. Releases “Until The Morning” featuring DJ Yawo, Yanina, Elim Boho

Until The Morning Artwork
Until The Morning Artwork

T.H.E. (The Hamsa Experiment) has unveiled their latest musical offering, “Until The Morning,” featuring the combined talents of DJ Yawo, Yanina, and Elim Boho.

This afrobeat/afrosoul duet tells the story of a man and woman who share a deep and secure connection, allowing them to watch each other interact with strangers and suitors throughout the night, knowing that they will ultimately end up together when morning comes.

T.H.E., formed by three friends who met at Berklee College of Music, embarks on an exciting musical experiment. Their goal is to combine diverse musical influences, form partnerships, and collaborate with other artists to create music and projects that evoke strong emotions. With a track record of collaborating with numerous talented creators and powerful artists from around the globe, T.H.E. has much in store for their audience.