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Montreal’s Hip-Hop Sensation Taigenz Unleashes Electrifying Single “MADD”


Montreal’s hip-hop sensation, Taigenz, has once again set the airwaves ablaze with his latest single, “MADD,” delivering a unique fusion of Hip-hop and Amapiano vibes that has captivated audiences worldwide. In this exhilarating track, Taigenz assumes the role of the ultimate party catalyst, signaling that the real festivities commence when he and his crew arrive. Symbolized by the dual timepieces gracing his wrist, “MADD” transcends being just a song; it stands as an anthem that amplifies revelry twofold.

Beyond serving as a party anthem, “MADD” also advocates for responsible enjoyment, encouraging listeners to “drink and vibe” instead of drink and drive. Produced by Cameroonian artist and producer, D-Fresh, this track marks the third release from the rapper’s highly anticipated project, “Chop Life.” Drawing from his Cameroonian heritage and diverse experiences, Taigenz effortlessly switches between English and Pidgin, showcasing linguistic versatility akin to a dynamic tennis match between Serena and Venus Williams.

Taigenz’s musical odyssey encompasses a blend of Trap, R&B, Afrobeat, and Amapiano influences, crafting a dynamic sound that resonates with global audiences. With vocal tones reminiscent of 50 Cent and lyricism drawing comparisons to Wale and Burna Boy, Taigenz stands as a multifaceted artist in the hip-hop realm. His previous album, “Life Ain’t Free,” garnered international acclaim, with standout tracks accumulating over 100,000 streams worldwide.

Beyond his musical prowess, Taigenz is a holistic performer, connecting with fans through virtual performances, skits, and live streams, particularly during the pandemic. Acknowledged for his artistry, Taigenz continues to push boundaries, earning accolades such as “Best Infused Hip-Hop Song” at the Indie Grind Music Awards. With “MADD” setting new benchmarks in the genre and lead single “Pas Idée” already making waves, Taigenz proves he doesn’t just offer tracks but life anthems for fans who appreciate the complexities of music and existence.

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