Tay Toe Releases Audacious Anthem “Best In The Lake” Featuring Zac Ivie

Tay Toe
Tay Toe

Tay Toe, a rising star in the world of rap, has released his latest single, “Best In The Lake,” featuring Salt Lake City artist Zac Ivie. The audacious anthem is a testament to Tay Toe’s unwavering belief in his craft and his refusal to conform to industry norms. With a relentless focus on creating quality music, Tay Toe forges his own path toward artistic integrity.

“Best In The Lake” is a musical odyssey that unapologetically dismisses the allure of record labels, embodying a spirit of independence and artistic freedom. In this dynamic collaboration, Tay Toe joins forces with Zac Ivie, a recognized figure in Salt Lake City’s vibrant music scene.

Tay Toe Best In The Lake
Best In The Lake

Tay Toe, a force to be reckoned with, crowns Zac Ivie as one of Salt Lake City’s finest through this captivating track. Addressing the inherent unfairness in the music industry, Tay Toe delves into his own struggles while championing Zac Ivie as the embodiment of excellence. The title, “Best In The Lake,” encapsulates the essence of their collaboration, a fusion of talent and determination echoing across the city.

“Best In The Lake” is a symphony of beats and verses brought to life by the skilled hands of Australian producer Washington Bgoni. The international flair added by Bgoni enriches this local masterpiece and highlights the global appeal of the track.

Tay Toe, shaped by a competitive spirit honed on the football field and wrestling mat, approaches this collaboration as a rewarding challenge to compete with Salt Lake City’s best. The result is a dynamic anthem that not only celebrates the soul of Salt Lake City but also serves as a platform for Tay Toe to prove his mettle against a backdrop of Zac Ivie’s seasoned artistry.

Meticulously crafted, “Best In The Lake” captures the very essence of Utah, transcending geographical boundaries with its universal appeal. It is a compelling fusion of talent, dedication, and an unwavering belief in the power of music to inspire and unite.

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