The Return Of Pimpinese 2023 At The Gold-coast London

Pimpinese Party 2023
Pimpinese Party 2023

“PIMPINESE PARTY’ the proverbial ‘Burger-Hi-Life Party’ that is synonymous with The Gold-Coast Bar and Restaurant in London is about to hit center stage on Saturday 2nd December 2023, according to the two brains behind its organisation Clarke Pentoa and The PM.

This is the party that is built around the flagship and backbones of Ghanaian music, which is Hi-life. It always promises its hard-core fans what they crave for, which is total Hi-Life music, spanning some decades and more.

It was projected to roll out in series and editions till it hit its final stage at edition ten. Since the tenth edition, this party has been put on hold for some time, till its re-emergence, due to some popular demand, given the long break.

Clarke Pentoa said: “We put it on hold so our fans would not get tired and bored of it but rather cherish it.”

And according to The PM, who is also a co-founder of ‘Pimpinese Party’: “The feeling this party brings is special, there is nothing out there that intentionally celebrates legends like Paapa Yankson, Pat Thomas, and Charles Amoah etc.

“As we do at a Pimpinese party, it’s a nostalgic feeling, especially to Ghanaians living abroad, and specifically those who came to Britain in the 80s, and we love to see them”.

Given the usual attention to its curation, the Pimpinese playlist has over the years enlisted the likes of DJ Lord Pay, DJ Skido of Klick Radio fame, DJ KK, DJ Slim, The PM, Clarke Pentoa and many others to its rotations.

Retrospectively, Pimpinese Party is the party that takes its dress code very seriously because of the era of the music being danced to.

But nonetheless, there are DJs who know how to cut through the necessary corners with some new school anthems in an old school edge. So, Hi-Life music is not ‘dead’ as others will like to put it. In order to witness the truth, in the spirit of Hi-Life, make it a date to be part of the Pimpinese Party on 2nd December 2023 at the Gold-Coast Bar and Restaurant.


Wilfred Clarke
Wilfred Clarke also known as Clarke Pentoa is a freelance journalist, radio presenter, and an award winning Master of Ceremonies. Wilfred has 17 years' experience working on national and international radio.