The Shellers Debut Single “Work No More” with Toddla T

Emerging London-based duo The Shellers has just released their debut single “Work No More,” featuring Toddla T. The duo, comprised of keys player and producer Lawaun Bernard and vocalist/songwriter Jamal Bucanon, brings a unique twist to the world of alternative rap.

“Work No More” captures the essence of London life with its storytelling verses that touch on the everyday experiences of a typical nine-to-five workday, complete with relatable themes of toxic bosses and the grind of a regular job. The song’s lyrics are laced with comedic wordplay, adding an engaging and entertaining layer to the music.

The single comes with an engaging visualizer that could easily be mistaken for an official music video, as The Shellers take on the role of hosts at London’s Moth Club Bar. The playful and relatable nature of “Work No More” makes it an instant bop that resonates with listeners who are familiar with the hustle and bustle of city life.