Tieijci Delivers Exhilarating AmaPiano Track “Baad” Featuring DX, Vilson & B I L L Y G

Portugal-based musician Tieijci is set to electrify the music scene with his latest AmaPiano hit, “Baad.” Featuring collaborative talents from DX, Vilson, and B I L L Y G, this track promises an exhilarating journey through the vibrant world of AmaPiano, transcending borders and genres.

Tieijci, renowned for his innovative sound and boundary-pushing creativity, continues to push the envelope of music. “Baad” showcases his ability to seamlessly blend diverse influences, resulting in a captivating track that defies conventions and captivates a global audience.

The song’s collaboration with DX, Vilson, and B I L L Y G brings a fusion of unique talents, contributing to the harmonious blend of AmaPiano styles. “Baad” boasts infectious beats, intricate lyricism, and an energetic vibe that immerses listeners in the heart of the AmaPiano movement

Osafo Daniel
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