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Timmy Cornel Releases Captivating Afrobeats Song “God Sent”

Timmy Cornel
Timmy Cornel

Nigerian recording artist Timmy Cornel has unveiled his latest afrobeats single titled “God Sent,” a heartfelt love song that showcases his musical talent and lyrical prowess. With captivating lyrics and infectious melodies, Timmy Cornel takes listeners on a journey of love and appreciation.

The song begins with the lyrics, “I’m thanking God say you come my way, E sure for me I no contemplate, Shey you no go lead me go astray, Na for your case I dey fast and pray e.” These lines express gratitude for the presence of a special someone in the artist’s life, emphasizing the belief that their connection is a divine blessing.

Timmy Cornel God Sent
Timmy cornel god sent artwork

The chorus of “God Sent” further reinforces this sentiment, with the lyrics “Ah eh ah eh eh, My girlie is God sent o, Ah eh ah eh eh, Girlie you’re God sent o, Ah eh ah eh eh, My girlie is God sent o, Ah eh oh no no no no no no.” The repetition of these lines emphasizes the artist’s conviction that his love interest is a gift from above.

Timmy Cornel, born Ifeoma Cornel, is a Nigerian recording artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. With “God Sent,” he showcases his talent for crafting catchy afrobeats melodies and heartfelt lyrics that resonate with listeners.

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