Tom Solomon Drops Fresh Hip-Hop Anthem “What They Say” Featuring BeeAye

Tom Solomon
Tom Solomon

Bristol’s own Tom Solomon is heating up the music scene with the release of his latest track, “What They Say,” featuring the captivating talent of BeeAye. The song is a testament to Tom’s versatile style and undeniable talent as both a musician and producer.

Tom Solomon is no stranger to the music industry, having dedicated over nine years to his craft. His unique style stands out in the bustling UK music scene, and he’s recognized for his musical versatility. As a fully independent artist, Tom’s journey has been defined by his commitment to creating innovative and impactful music.

Tom Solomon What They Say
What They Say cover

“What They Say” showcases Tom’s ability to blend hip-hop with compelling melodies. The track resonates with listeners and showcases his evolution as an artist, producer, and songwriter. Featuring BeeAye, whose talent is the perfect complement to Tom’s, the song is primed to become a hit.

Tom Solomon began gaining traction on digital platforms following the 2020 pandemic. His determination and passion for music pushed him to adapt and find new ways to connect with his audience. “What They Say” represents not only Tom’s evolution as an artist but also his dedication to creating music that leaves a lasting impression.

The future looks promising for Tom Solomon, who continues to create impactful music. His latest track is just a taste of the incredible talent and versatility he brings to the world of music.

Listen to Tom Solomon on Spotify here

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