Tony Stainless Celebrates Success with New Anthem “I Don Make Money”

Tony Stainless I Don Make Money

In a triumphant anthem that echoes the struggles and triumphs of life, Nigerian artist Tony Stainless releases “I Don Make Money.” This song is not just a musical endeavor but a testament to resilience, success, and an inspiration for those facing adversities.

Tony Stainless shares his personal journey of overcoming obstacles, insults, depression, and frustrations before finally achieving financial success. “I Don Make Money” is a joyous expression of the artist’s gratitude for reaching a point in life where success is tangible. Through this song, he aims to spread hope and encouragement to those currently facing challenges, urging them never to give up on their dreams.

The track is a celebration of achievement and a reminder that hard work and perseverance can lead to a day of jubilation. Tony Stainless desires for this song to resonate with a wide audience, providing solace to those navigating difficult times and becoming a source of inspiration.

With two-time music award winner Tony Stainless hailing from Imo State, Nigeria, “I Don Make Money” is more than a musical piece—it’s a declaration of victory and a promise to continue delivering impactful messages through the art form. As Tony Stainless shares his journey through this celebratory track, he hopes to connect with a global audience, build a stronger fan base, secure managerial support, and pave the way for local and international performances. The artist envisions a future filled with unreleased tracks and a musical career that spans at least the next 15 years. Join Tony Stainless in spreading the word about “I Don Make Money” and the messages he aims to share with the world.

Osafo Daniel
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