Travel Lemming Names Ghana’s Cape Coast World’s #35 Best Place to Travel in 2023

Cape Coast
Cape Coast

Cape Coast has been named the #35 best place to travel in the world in 2023 by Travel Lemming, a US-based online travel guide read by more than 6 million travelers.

The annual list of 50 best places to travel highlights emerging destinations and hidden gems around the world. Travel Lemming is the second international publication to recognize Ghana recently after National Geographic included it in its list of “25 breathtaking places and experiences for 2023“.

Travel Lemming’s article reads: “While incredibly scenic, the vibrancy of Cape Coast, Ghana was shrouded by the transatlantic slave trade, a tragedy which began in the 16th century. Tour Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle to understand how the Ghanaians fell into these unjust circumstances.

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It continues: “After this solemn experience, take a taxi to Kakum National Park where you’ll discover Ghana’s absolute enchantment. Sway with the tropical treetops as you tiptoe across the Canopy Walkway, a series of rope bridges strung 30 meters above the ground. When visiting, keep an eye out for forest elephants, mona monkeys, leopards, and other incredible wildlife.”

Travel Lemming writer Betty Hurd commented, “Cape Coast, Ghana offers the most potent history lesson you could ever experience. With a massive role in the transatlantic slave trade, history buffs will appreciate the preservation of this beautiful coastal town’s intense past.

The annual list is a collaborative project of the publication’s team of more than 25 travel writers and editors.

The top 10 destinations on the list are:

  • #1 – Lafayette, Louisiana
  • #2 – Bhutan
  • #3 – Utila, Honduras
  • #4 – Ile Sainte Marie, Madagascar
  • #5 – Kosovo
  • #6 – Salento, Colombia
  • #7 – Vanuatu
  • #8 – Lake Ohrid, North Macedonia
  • #9 – Uzbekistan
  • #10 – Detroit, Michigan

By region, the full list of 50 destinations includes 7 destinations in Europe, 5 in Asia, 4 in South America, 4 in Oceania, 4 in Africa, 6 in North America (besides the US), and 20 in the United States.

Nate Hake, CEO of Travel Lemming, commented: “2023 is shaping up to be the year of ‘revenge travel,’ as travelers venture farther and go bigger with their trips. Our unique list of 50 hidden gems is the perfect source of inspiration for that once-in-a-lifetime trip to somewhere unique.”

Travel Lemming is an online travel guide with more than 6 million annual readers. It is known for its focus on encouraging travelers to go “off the lemming path.”

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