Trust Tate Drops Modern Trap Track “Double Tap”

Trust Tate Double Tap

Hip-Hop artist and producer Trust Tate has recently released a new song titled “Double Tap.” This track has a modern feel, both in terms of its subject matter and its trap instrumental. Trust Tate hails from New Jersey and brings his unique style to the Hip-Hop scene.

With “Double Tap,” Trust Tate showcases his prowess as both a rapper and a producer. The track’s trap instrumental sets the stage for his captivating flow and delivery, creating an immersive experience for listeners. The modern feel of the song is evident not only in its production but also in its subject matter, capturing the essence of contemporary Hip-Hop.

Trust Tate’s musical journey began in New Jersey, where he immersed himself in the local music scene and honed his skills as a producer. Drawing inspiration from his surroundings and personal experiences, Trust Tate has developed a unique sound that seamlessly blends elements of Hip-Hop, trap, and other genres.

What sets Trust Tate apart is his ability to craft memorable hooks and deliver impactful verses. His lyrics delve into a range of topics, including personal struggles, social commentary, and the pursuit of success. Trust Tate’s authenticity shines through in his music, as he fearlessly shares his thoughts and emotions with his audience.

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