UK-Based Ghanaian Singer Schia Debuts Her Career with ‘La Vida Loca’


UK-based Ghanaian singer Schia (Shy-ya) has announced her presence in the music scene with “La Vida Loca.” Released in September and officially announced in October, this remarkable track is a testament to Schia’s musical prowess.

At the heart of “La Vida Loca” lies a deep exploration of love, inviting listeners to delve into the unspoken emotions that often linger beneath the surface. With Caribbean-inspired beats infusing the song’s soulful balladry, it crafts a hypnotic rhythm that resonates long after the music has faded.

Schia La Vida Loca
La Vida Loca cover art

The song’s evolution is equally fascinating. Originally conceived as a form of personal “pain relief” to navigate life’s struggles, it transformed into a profoundly positive anthem. It reflects Schia’s newfound mental strength and happiness, demonstrating the synergy between her heartfelt lyrics and the production expertise of Jayso and Mike Kwa6i.

Schia is a rising Ghanaian star with a unique blend of rap and melody. Hailing from the picturesque town of Ada Ningo, Schia first fell in love with the art of performance, and the influence of iconic artists like Michael Jackson left a mark on her young heart.

Preview “La Vida Loca” by Schia on Spotify below

In 2022, she started with freestyle covers of songs such as Kwesi Arthur’s “Drama” and “Last Last” by Burna Boy. After a year of dropping freestyles and covers on social media, she debuted in 2023 with “La Vida Loca.”

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