UK-based Zambian rapper Acie Drops ‘Black Rebel’


Introducing a rising star on the UK and global hip-hop scene, Acie is a Zambian-born artist who’s ready to make a profound impact with his debut single, “Black Rebel.”

Drawing inspiration from legendary icons like 2Pac and Nipsey Hussle, Acie’s music is a masterful fusion of conscious lyricism and irresistibly catchy hooks, delivering a sonic journey that’s both thought-provoking and captivating. “Black Rebel” isn’t just a song; it’s a powerful narrative, a vivid portrayal of the life experiences that have sculpted Acie into the person he is today.

Acie Black Rebel
Black Rebel cover art

With a conscious approach to his craft, he effortlessly weaves his story into every verse, creating a connection with listeners who have walked similar paths. But it doesn’t stop there. The visuals accompanying the track transport you to the vibrant streets of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, adding a rich and dynamic layer to the storytelling. It’s a testament to the global appeal of Acie’s music, bridging cultures and bringing the sound back to its authentic roots, reminiscent of the golden era of real hip-hop. With “Black Rebel,” this UK-based Zambian rapper is on a mission to share his message with the world, no matter what it takes.

His music is a beacon of hope, a voice for those who’ve gone unheard for too long. Get ready to experience a new era of hip-hop, where artistry and authenticity reign supreme. Keep an eye on this talented artist as he embarks on a journey to uplift souls and leave an indelible mark on the music industry.

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