V9 and 808Melo Join Forces with Italian Artists Ketama126 and Evangelesti for “Poligrafo” Remix

Prepare for a musical metamorphosis as the UK and Italy unite in the electrifying remix of “Poligrafo” by Ketama126 and Evangelesti. The Italian artists, renowned for their dynamic original track, have elevated it to unparalleled heights with the fusion of UK talents V9 and 808Melo.

Ketama126 and Evangelesti, a powerhouse Italian duo, initially set the scene with their hit “Poligrafo,” establishing themselves as formidable forces in the world of music. However, this time, they’ve amplified their creative prowess by enlisting the talents of two prominent UK artists.

V9, the lyrical maestro from Homerton, leaves an indelible mark on the remix with his compelling English verse, seamlessly integrating with the Italian original. His distinctive style adds a layer of depth and richness, making the track a transcultural masterpiece.

808Melo, renowned for his exceptional production wizardry, steps into the mix, infusing the remix with his signature swagger and sonic finesse. His touch transforms the beat into a mesmerizing experience, demonstrating his exceptional craft and ability to shape soundscapes.

The “Poligrafo” remix not only transcends boundaries but offers a breathtaking sonic experience that melds cultures and styles, leaving listeners eager for more. The collaborative synergy between UK and Italian artists is evident, with the remix serving as a testament to the unifying power of music.

The visuals for this remix are a true feast for the senses, combining stunning imagery with the potent fusion of musical talents. It’s a reminder that great music knows no boundaries, and when artists from different corners of the world come together, magic happens.

The “Poligrafo” remix is more than a song; it’s a cultural exchange, a musical journey, and a promise of more exciting collaborations to come. Brace yourself for the spectacular fusion of Italian and UK music and embark on this incredible ride.

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