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[Video] Hookup Girl cries for help after 1 hour nonstop action with client

[Video] Hookup Girl Cries For Help After 1 Hour Nonstop Action With Client

Indeed, hookup is not for the lily-livered. A hookup girl in a viral video sighted online is seen angrily insulting her client for hitting her 1-hour non-stop. This young lady, believed to be a hookup girl, cried out for help after a man who took her for action refused to ‘release’.

The lady who thought she would have it easy with the client had her honey pot destroyed by the guy who showed no mercy after taking an aphrodisiac.

In the video which surfaced online sighted by osafodaniel.com, the lady is heard saying she won’t allow him to go for the second round since he lied about the longevity of the first round. The video captures the exact moment the young lady cried for help because her mate has refused to ‘release’. She noted that she is tired and will not continue with the job again.

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