War Shares New Anthem for the Motherland “Take it back 2 Africa.”


US-based musician Warith Rahim Muhammad aka ‘War’ has come up with, yet another hit single ttiled “Take it back 2 Africa” featuring Harrison Yemo.

As the title says, this is a track that is all about the message to All African Descendants to Take their power and resources back to Africa and help out in the Motherland, the song was released on 9/24 on YouTube and is also available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and more.

With words as tools and music as his weapon, Warith Rahim Muhammad has come out with yet another masterpiece, “Take it Back 2 Africa Feat Harrison Yemo from Ghana.”  The song is urban hip-hop, and the lyrics are revolutionary to that of War and Harrison The uniqueness of the song is that the lyrics talk about all the social issues related to money and give references to the changing ways of life, and War also name a ton of African Countries and the Major natural resources they are known for.

Take it back 2 Africa Cover
Take it back 2 Africa Cover

War raps about real issues that have affected the lives of common people to superstars of African descent. Harrison Yemo who currently resides in Accra Ghana teamed up with War to give this track and authentic African sound of today with his Ghanaian accent. You could feel the “War” elements of the masterpiece from War hip-hop Gods Music Production style in this single.

The audience could feel the difference this music produces from the usual noisy hip-hop. War also takes special care in making videos for his songs. War also makes music in his own genre called “Gods music” which he invented. This is just another showcasing of his multiple talents.

About the artists

Warith Rahim Muhammad aka ‘War’ started in the Oakland’s Bay area. He has shortened his long name to the short and cool War which also blends with the style of music he produces. War had relocated to the Midwest and later has gone in full flow with his style of urban hip-hop. His production company is named after reversing his shortened name – Raw Hit Entertainment. The quality that makes him one of a kind is his lyrics. Warith’s lyrics are related to science and have reference to current political and social issues.

Harrison Yemo was Born and Raised in Accra Ghana. Harrison came up listening to Hip Hop Music and when he met “War” got the opportunity to make a real record and this first LP, recorded by Yemo has become an Anthem for the entire African Nation. Harrison Also does Corn Wine Workshops and runs Gods Music Clothing Line in Ghana. Starting with the War Elements brand and now the Take it back 2 Africa Line. Harrison and War are both dedicated to their communities and empowering their people to become successful without violence or promoting violence. Harrison is looking to start a travel company soon to start music tours in Ghana and all of Africa.

With the success in his career, Warith had started opening for Ginuwine and Boyz ll Men and was also The Source Magazine’s Unsigned Hype Hip Hop Artist Showcase. Have recorded songs with Twista, Breezy, Dizzy Wright and more big names in Hip Hop. Good artists being awarded for their contribution wouldn’t be a surprise, but War has shown how good he is by winning International Akademia Music Awards over 15 times from 2016 to 2022. War also brought home Hip Hop Artist or the Year for 2017 and 2022. This record is here to restore the African People Back to the Motherland around the world

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