Watch French Ambassador Joins Kelvyn Boy’s Down flat Challenge With EU Ambassadors

French Ambassador Anne Sophie Avé
Anne Sophie Avé via instagram

French Ambassador to Ghana, Anne Sophie Avé, and the Ambassador of the European Union (EU), Irchad Ramiandrasoa Razaaly have joined the Down Flat challenge.

This was after the Afrobeat singer challenged Madam Sophie to participate in the viral dancing challenge.
Being an avid fan of the afrobeats singer, the French Ambassador took to the dance floor to effortlessly showcase her moves, which wowed many.

In a video posted on Instagram, the two ambassadors chose to go barefoot for their showdown. Their dance moves got many people including celebs like Kwaku Manu, Joyce Blessing, Dancegod Lloyd, and others laughing.

Reacting to the video, Kelvyn Boy commented underneath the post with love and flower emojis.

“You won 🏆 Kelvyn Boy to French Ambassador,” Kelvyn Boy added.

Another user wrote, “Oh wow!! We have a winner 🙌Kelvyn Boy to French Ambassador. This one that I don’t know how to dance no, does it mean I’ll become Ghana’s ambassador to another country one day??😩Kelvyn Boy to French Ambassador😂.”

Watch Ambassador Anne Sophie Avé joins the Down flat challenge


Watch Kelyn Boy’s Downflat in the video below

Anne Sophie Avé, the Ambassador of France to Ghana earlier explained her vibrant use of social media.

Being one of the most active diplomat twitter users in the country. Her constant engagement with the Ghanaians on social media is heartwarming. In an interview with Y107.9FM’s Rev Erskine on the Yleaderboard Series hosted on the Myd Morning Radio Show, she was asked if her vibrant use of social media had no effect on her work as a diplomat.

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